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  • We are catering to the international aftermarket since 1999.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified by TUV, Rheinland
  • We have E approval on many products & COP approval by IDIADA SPAIN
  • We have AIS approved products and TAC approval by CIRT, Pune
  • We have access to labs like ARAI, ICAT & CIRT for photometric and environment testing.
  • We have been part of international manufacturing excellence clusters like Factory Improvement Program of UN & Cluster for World Class Manufacturing by GTZ.
  • We follow KAIZEN as our daily routine hence strengthening our practice of continual improvement of products & processes.
  • We think twice before committing and then stretch our limits to honour the commitment.
  • We give strong emphasis on employee motivation , training , teamwork and adopt good HR practices
  • We are credit rated by MERA and have Dun's no as 91-727-5380.
  • We are members of Quality Council Forum of India ( QCFI ) , CII & National Small Industries Corp. ( NSIC )

Why Choose Us?

Because WE CARE..

We For Our Customers Requirement...For Timely Delivery...For providing Value for Money to the Clients


  • The importance of good packaging...
  • That commitments are made to be kept
  • That Continuous Improvement is essential

Because WE HAVE ..

  • Advanced CNC machines for production
  • A good team of engineers & Workshop technicians
  • Good market goodwill & wide client base.

Because WE ARE ..

  • A Manufacturer
  • Motivated and energetic

Our Infrastructure

  • CNC injection moulding Machines from 80 Tons to 300Tons
  • Design and development facility
    • Measurements Lab
    • Surface Plate
    • Digital Height Gauge (0.01mm)
    • Micrometer (0.01mm)
    • Vernier Callipers (0.01mm)
    • Radius Gauges
    • Thread Gauges
    • Bevel Protractor (0.5degree)
    • Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Design Office
    • I-DEAS
    • AutoCAD
  • Ultrasonic Welding machines - 15Khz
  • Assembly workstations
  • Luxmeters for checking & testing Intensity of Lights